One of the most common complaints among Yorkie parents is destructive behavior. This is better known as Yorkie separation anxiety and is hard on your precious fur baby.

It is not a sign that the Yorkie needs obedience training, it means the Yorkie is in distress and is suffering from separation anxiety.

The Yorkie gets upset when they are separated from their pet parent that they love very much. This is a real mental condition and needs your attention, but there is little you can do because people have jobs and have to leave the house. I have 2 Yorkies and what worked for me was leaving for a short period of time, and then gradually a little longer each time.

The Yorkie then knows that when you leave you are coming back. The Yorkie has a strong emotional response to being alone, it can be overwhelming for him, or her. Sometimes the Yorkie gets stressed out before you even leave the house, its like they know you are leaving them alone and isolated.

Signs Of Yorkie Separation

1. Pacing

2. Getting nervous

3. Crying

4. Trying to escape their crate and run to escape

5. Pooping or peeing

6. Barking a lot

7. Destructive chewing as a coping mechanism

8. Panic the Yorkie might run into walls, smashing, jumping, hitting the sides of their kennel.

9. Drooling a lot meaning the dog is extremely upset.

Put a dog crate in an area where he or she can have some sort of light and play either the radio or the TV. Make sure they have the following items in the crate.


1. Toys, this is very important for a Yorkie. Maybe your Yorkie has a favorite toy that it plays with. This will help him or her to ope in your absence. This toy must be a toy that he or she only plays with while you are away. Your dog may be so attached to it that they look forward to being alone with it.

2. Water and food- use a water dispenser. You can use treats such as a Kong filled with their favorite kind of treats. This will keep them busy for a while. They enjoy this so much they might not even know you are gone for a good while.

3. A good quality bed- it should be well-cushioned and put inside the crate where the dog will feel safe while resting and sleeping.

4. Pee-pads- If you have trained your Yorkie to go outside they cannot know all of a sudden to uses the crate. Place the pee-pads in the back of the crate so they will not have to sleep in their own pee, or poop. Have a big enough crate for this.

5. Companion toy- this is a stuffed toy that the Yorkie can snuggle up with and is great for a Yorkie separation anxiety issue. It has been found that these toys are amazing for soothing a dog which is afraid of being lone. Again only use these toys in your absence. 


6. Desensitizing- All dogs know on some level that their pet-parent is going to leave the house. Pay attention to the following actions you do when preparing to leave:

A. You may put on your shoes and coat


B. You may handle and rattle your keys


C. You open the door to check the weather before you leave the house


D. You may not finish your cup of coffee and you put it in a to-go cup


When training your Yorkie do these things even if you are not going outside. When you are planning to stay home do one or more of these things that I listed above.

For example, you are going to watch a movie, get up and go open the door and then go back and sit down to finish watching your movie. These different training techniques must be done a lot throughout the day.

This will have to be done forever for the Yorkie to not be able to read the “cues.” When he or she doesn’t appear to be nervous anymore you can just use one of the training techniques.


Pre-Departure Tips:

1. Allow your Yorkie to enjoy the crate for a while before you leave the house. Don’t put them into it and immediately leave the house. The dog will learn that this is a bad place. Let them have fun in it for about 20 minutes before you leave the house.

When you are home leave the door to the crate open so he or she can enjoy it and play with their toys. A playpen is also a good place for you Yorkie to stay when you are not at home.

So then Yorkie separation anxiety is not just a behavioral problem and the dog should not be punished or scolded when they show signs of anxiety. It is a very hard and emotional upset for your Yorkie and will overwhelm them. Study about Yorkie separation anxiety so you can better know how to deal with this issue. I have outlined the symptoms and what to do in my article.

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