All  Svalinn  working dogs are canines (A place where they breed dogs) and are bred in their house. Their dogs have a particular personality and appearance and are bred to protect your family and to provide you with a peace of mind making you feel safe in your home. Each breed has its own distinct personality, but they do have a protective instinct for their owner. There are three superior breeds that are most used, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, and the German Shepherd which is my favorite breed.

  These breeds of dogs are superior athletes s making them a good breed for protection and companionship as well as working dogs. They make loyal and dedicated companions. At Svalinn dogs don’t chase ribbons or enter sporting events, they breed their dogs from a very good bloodline to provide protection for their new owners.

 The breed of dogs (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and the Dutch Shepherd) also make excellent dogs for fighting in combat. They serve several purposes to the men and women of war. They not only provide protection for their handlers but also are good for mental illness that some soldiers face.

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