In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful tigers that I have ever seen. White Bengal tigers are endangered and their predator is none other than humans. It is not a species in and of itself, but a species from the regular Bengal tiger. As beautiful as they are, they face a host of medical issues.

The white Bengal tiger can live as long as 10-20 years in captivity and are solitary animals. When they, reach about 3 to 4 years old they are considered adults.

A female tiger when pregnant carries her young for about 103 days before she gives birth and usually has 1-3 tiger cubs. They are weaned at 6 months old.

There are none in the wild today and the biggest threat is due to their loss of habitat. The white color makes them easy targets for predators to spot. There are some White Bengal Tigers that live in conservation camps where they can be protected.

Due to man’s pride and ego the beautiful white Bengal tigers are endangered and near extinction as are the other Bengal tigers. The Bible has much to say about greed and pride, and they are two of the seven deadly sins.

Greed lures a person into sin and makes them want things they should not have. A man will do wrong to try to have material things. Seek that which is above and not material goods.

Killing these beautiful white tigers is nothing more than greed wanting what others have, killing because a friend or neighbor has killed something just to show that they can kill too. God is not pleased with men killing what He created.

Charity which is one of the seven virtues and love is a cure for greed by putting the desire to help other people above wanting to store up material things here on earth above the treasures in heaven. I can promise you that what God has stored up for you in heaven is far better than anything that this earth has to offer you.

Pride is another deadly sin and humility is the cure for pride by removing the human’s ego and boastfulness A man will say hey look what I killed today which is no big feat, man uses a gun against a white tiger where is the sport in that? Of course, he killed a tiger for the tiger is unaware he or she is being targeted, and nothing can survive a fatal gunshot wound to the right spot. How can a man take pride in that?

The white tiger’s color is due to a lack of yellow and red pheomelanin pigments (produces the coloration of the orange color). Their favorite feature is white fur and blue eyes.

Their scientific name is Panthrean Tigris Tigris and is in the Indian subcontinent. They love to hang out around swamps and the dense jungle. The White Bengal Tiger can weigh as much as 650 pounds and are 6.8 feet to 11 feet long. They can run as fast as 60 miles an hour. They prey on wild boar, cattle, and deer as their food source.

Below is an insert from The Central Flordia Animal Reserve where they house and protect the beautiful White Bengal Tiger from being extinct.

One day the mighty roar of the tiger will be heard no more if we don’t do something now to try to protect them from man’s pride and greed and this would be a crying shame.

“The life source of Central Florida Animal Reserve is undoubtedly the big cats we serve. The capacity to maintain the vision of their future requires the utilization of resources, ancillary services, equipment, and additional care programs. We are in need of your support to help continue our commitment and conservation to the residents of Central Florida Animal Reserve.”

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