The TruDog product line includes 2 freeze-dried, raw recipes. I have been feeding my two Yorkshire Terriers Trudog dog food boast topper for about six months and they love it.

They did not eat their dried food until I put the boast topper on it. Trudog dog food receives a five-star rating and rightly so.

Trudog also makes treats which my dogs love and I love it too because I know there is nothing in it that will hurt them since it has natural ingredients in them.

Our two Yorkies Rusty and Izzy are not just dogs to us they are family and nothing is too good for them. My husband and I could never have children so our 2 Yorkies are our children.

Trudog was started by a woman named Lori Taylor who had a Great Dane who’s name was Truman. Her dog died of cancer at the young age of 5. She vowed to herself to create dog food that was natural and good for dogs thus the name TruDog dog food was created.

One must look at the ingredients to find out exactly what their precious fur baby is ingesting into their bodies. The only downside to this product is the price because it mostly comes in small bags. It is ideal for smaller dogs, but trudog dog food receives a five-star rating especially for Trudog Feed Me Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza and TruDog Feed Me Crunchy Munchy 

This article will be talking about these two brands of TruDog dog food. TruDog products line includes 2 freeze-dried, raw recipes. The ingredients are Beef, beef blood (I know this sounds yucky and I think so as well, but dogs love it), beef tripe, ground beef bone, beef lung, beef fat, beef kidney, herring oil (natural source of vitamin D), natural antioxidant ( mixed tocopherols) and natural vitamin E, d-alpha tocopherols.

Estimated Nutrient Content: Guaranteed Analysis

  1. Protein- 41%, Fat 28%, and carbs NA
  2. Dry Matter Basis- Protein 43%, Fat 30%, Carbs 19%
  3. Calorie Weighted Basis- Protein 32%, Fat-53%, Carbs 14%

The first ingredient beef is clean and fresh meat from cattle who were killed. Beef is so rich in all ten amino acids that helps a dog to live and sustain a healthy life. There is also the muscle tissues of the tongue, esophagus, heart and the diaphragm.

Beef Blood- although this does not appeal to humans dogs love it and it is rich in protein (albumin), minerals and vitamins that dogs need.

Beef Tripe- is made up by the first three chambers of a cud-chewing animals stomach. I know yuck but dogs love it and is healthy for dogs.

Ground Up Beef Bone is a very good way for dogs to receive natural calcium.

Beef Lung is an organ meat that is rich in protein and is low in fat.

Beef Liver is another organ meat comes from a certain animal and is rich and known to be a beneficial element.

Beef Heart is another ingredient that is a naturally rich source of minerals and vitamins and is pure meat (Sounds yucky, but I am not trying to please humans but dogs) and has complex vitamin B.

Beef Kidney is another organ meat that is rich in much-needed vitamins and minerals and is low in fat.

Herring Oil has omega- 3 fatty acids. This oil is great for both humans and animals.

By judging these ingredients TruDog Dog food is an above average raw dog food product and is five-star dog food.

Ingredients by themselves cannot tell the complete story. One must estimate the products meat content before a final rating can be determined.

TruDog dog food has no plant-based protein boosters. This dog food has an abundance of meat in it and is great for dogs and this is why TruDog Dog food receives a five-star rating.

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