Cats and Dogs Can Develop Liver ShungMilk thistle also is known as Silybum marianum it is from the Asteraceae family. It is good for liver shunt along with a proper diet. The many uses of milk thistle for cats and dogs it can treat both species. Milk thistles is a herb that supports the liver and is an antioxidant.

Milk thistle is a plant that has been used for many years since ancient times and is also used for pancreatic disease, kidney disease, and cancer support. It protects against toxins, is an inflammatory, supports healthy cells. Milk thistle is useful for any and all liver disease in cats and dogs.

Support and Care for Your Pets Liver

The liver plays a very vital role in the health of your pet. It filters out toxins from cats and dogs liver. This blood has been enriched with minerals and important vitamins. The many uses of milk thistle for cats and dogs are many.

Add milk thistle to help the liver get clean of every drug as well which goes to the liver which is a burden on a pet’s liver as well. It can cause liver enzymes to be high and will decrease liver function. Medications that are used to treat seizures can be hard on the liver. NVH Milk Thistle Extract has lowered greatly liver enzymes and helped to treat diseases of the liver.

Milk Thistle benefits for cancer are Tremendous

Treatment that your vet will use in treating your dog or cat for cancer will be medications that will decrease the immune system and the dog or cats liver will be affected. Milk thistle will help with the negative aspects of those medications by helping with liver function.

Store Bought Dod Food Is Not Always Best

Homemade dog food is what is best for some dogs and cats with health problems. This is true with dogs and cats who suffer from a liver shunt. One needs to research and find the best fresh ingredients to make the chances with my beloved pet, I would make my own dog or cat food, especially if they have serious medical issues, but make sure from your vet if you should give your pet homemade food, and if so what extra vitamins and nutrients should you put into it.

When dealing with liver shunt one cannot be too careful.

Diet and medication do not fix a liver shunt they deal with the symptoms and to help the pet lead a more normal life. Homemade cat or dog food may lack certain important vitamins and minerals. Get your recipe from your vet.

So then liver shunt is a serious matter in your pets and the many uses of milk thistle for cats and dogs are beneficial along with medication and diet(from your vet) cannot be understated can help your pet lead a more normal life even though this does not cure your pet. In some case’s surgery can correct the problem. Check with your vet if you suspect your pet has a liver shunt. Please read my article on this at my website for more information.

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