Train Your Dog To Do What You Want Then To Do, train them the right way, you can train your dog like the Professional’s Do.

Is your new puppy driving you insane trying to train him or her to do what you want them to do or becomes aggressive when visitors show up at your house? The good news is you can train to be friendly and loving, you can train your dog the right way, and do it like the pros do it. It takes time and a lot of patience, above all else it takes love and forming a close bond with your dog, it requires trust as well. Trust is not given, it is earned, this is true with people and dogs are no different.

Dogs behavior can be problematic and you need to get the upper hand quick. If dogs are not disciplined correctly their behavior can turn your loving dog to become aggressive and disobedient. As your pets owner you must be aware of this and get help in training your dog. Help is available to you.

Obedience Training For Puppies

Train a puppy can be a long process in getting your puppy to listen to you and to your commands. Getting the puppy to listen to you is almost half of the battle.

It depends on the breed and the method used to train your puppy. It’s a good idea to bond with your puppy first and allow him or her to learn the sound of your voice. Obedience is the starting point to solving a lot of your puppy’s problems.

During training, you open up a line of communication with your new puppy, this is a good time to bond with him or her. When your puppy listens and does what you command him or to do offer some kind of reinforcement (a reward) something that your puppy like to eat.

This part of the training is crucial in training your new puppy. They learn to associate what you tell them to do and they do it they will get something good.

If training is done correctly your new puppy should comply with your commands. There are free on line classes that will coach you on how to do this. You can train your dog like the prefessional’s do.

Train Schools For Dogs and Puppies

Train schools have professional trainers to train different breeds regardless of age and gender. If you decide to take your new puppy or dog to a training school make sure that it is nationally recognized and visit the school for a couple of days and watch how the trainer interacts with the dogs they are training. The trainer should have a certified training certified with at least 5 or 6 years experience.

The training school may ask you for the puppies or dogs shot records along with a leech, collar and what you use as your positive reinforcement that you used to reward them with when they do a good job. You can train your dog like the professiona’ls do.

If you decide not to go with the free online course a Starter Course at a Training School is called The Kindergarten Puppy Training Course which usually costs anywhere from $100 to $300 dollars for a 4 week course.

The Obedience Course varies from $200 to $500 dollars. Some places offer a special value package starting at $220 to $600 dollars and the puppies receives all the courses, The Kindergarten, The Obedience Class, Socialization, etc.

A Short History On Dog Training

In time dogs have become special family members where they are not treated as working dogs. About 72% of family households own at least 1 dog where they are treated more like humans than animals and they are loved as such. People spend a lot of money on their dogs things like the best food, treats, grooming, and training.

A man by the name of William Koehler was perhaps the first man trainer for dogs. He taught people how to treat and train their dogs the right way. He encouraged dog owners to love and respect their dogs and to build a bond, one that was formed from trust and love. It was by his methods that encouraged other people to treat their dogs better. They began to be known as a family pet.

People soon took notice of the benefits of owning a dog. They began to realize just how much joy they had taking their dog for a stroll down the street, or in the park. They began to take notice of the beautiful sun shine on their face, fresh air and how they loved throwing a ball for their dog to fetch. They began to build a beautiful affection and a relationship of trust with their canine best friend (family member).

Today animals are treated much more humanely. There is little tolerance for punishment and loosing one’s temper. Then days are gone. In the past few decades dog psychologists and behavior is given more importance and dog training is more patience and kind with rewards.

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