To say these animals are beautiful would be an understatement. Beautiful snow leopards are very rare.

The IUCN has placed the species in the endangered category for a reason. The snow leopard is really in a dangerous spot on the list, with declining numbers.

If you are asking yourself why these beautiful snow leopards are very rare you need to look no further than human beings being a type of predator on these beautiful creatures.

Characteristics Concerning The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard has very thick fur, especially around its feet. It’s like they are wearing snowshoes and this protects their feet to the harsh mountain environment of Central Asia. They have very strong feet and legs and are able to just as far as 50 feet. Their long tails help to balance them and to cover sensitive parts of their body, it acts as a blanket to protect them from the cold.

Hunting and What They Eat

Snow leopards are great hunters because they are so fast. They like to eat blue sheep (Bharat) of the Himalaya and Tibet. They have been known to kill animals 3 times their body weight. Snow Leopards also eat animals that are smaller like birds.

Snow Leopards and the Community

Snow leopards are hard on the community by killing their livestock but they are starting to build conservation walls and are learning to co-exist with them. Families provide the labor to build these walls which are made of stone, wood beams, wire mesh, and hardware.

These walls have been valuable saving life stock and the snow leopard itself for people are not likely to retaliate and go out to hunt and kill them for killing their livestock.

Snow leopards are found mostly in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan.

The snow leopard class faces the threat of extermination despite both its natural importance and spiritual meaning to naive communities. Accepting it would take more than individual efforts to save snow leopards, at the first Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Forum held in October 2013, all 12 snow leopard range countries endorsed the Bishkek Declaration.

They promised their “commitment to present the future generations…to protect and recover snow leopard populations and their fragile surroundings for all people to enjoy.”

A year later and every year thereafter on October 23, International Snow Leopard Day has been held in order to remember the anniversary of the Bishkek Declaration and to create awareness about the snow leopard.

Climate Change and Extinction

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported in 2007 that hundreds of types are being disturbed and many will be made extinct due to people-caused climate change. Do you consider, based on the Holy text, that God would be troubled by this? Do you think people should atone when human activity leads to the annihilation of parts of God’s creation? This isn’t just tigers, but another kind of wildlife as well.

One cannot talk about nature and wildlife without looking to God for answers. In Genesis God tells us about creating the animals and they played a major role in Biblical times and in the life of Jesus. He was born in a stable with other animals. Do you think this was by coincidence I think not. Jesus was the lamb of God so he was born in a stable just as God had intended what could be more fitting?

Scriptures About the Importance Of Animals in the Life of Jesus

I would like to leave you some Scriptures showing you how animals were important to God:

Job 12:7-10, Genesis 1:20.-22, Genesis 2:19-20, John 1:29, Genesis 7:1-24, Genesis 9:15-16, Matthew 6:25-26.

In John 1:29 John says “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”

Many times throughout the Scriptures Jesus is with the animals showing his humility and Gods respect and love for animals. We can learn a lot from animals and Jesus, his love and attitude toward animals (Job 12:7-10). That Scripture blew my mind, I mean what we can learn from animals.

Animals and people played different roles in Biblical times and in our world today. It is plain to see from these Scriptures that our lives with animals started at the very beginning of creation and they can teach us new ways of understanding God.



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