Animal abuse is a serious matter and should be addressed when children are very young. This behavior in children  can lead  to many problems later in life. It can lead to certain crimes like robbing or mugging, starting fires, and threatening other people. The rate of children who abuse animals are alarmingly high and turn in to a lot of adults who abuse animals and other people. These are some of the same people who beat their wives and sometimes even their own children. In a study done by Miller and Knutson in 1997 on college undergraduates half of them had performed or had seen animal abuse, and 20% had actually abused animals. It appears that boys are twice as likely to commit more acts of animal cruelty than girls. In 2002 the U.S. Census Bureau found that nearly 4 million adults may have performed acts of animal cruelty when young. Some people do not see that animal cruelty is a red flag and that it can lead  to many psychological and behavioral problems when children witness animal cruelty when very young.

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