Animals Are Very T herapeuticl To Human Beings

  Animals Can Be Therapeutic To Humans Animals can be therapeutic to humans, especially for the sick and the elderly. For many a pet is far more than just a pet. Having a pet can make the elderly person want to get out of the bed in the mornings. As people get older depression is a common […]

Possible Reasons Why Some People Abuse Animals

Animal abuse is a serious matter and should be addressed when children are very young. This behavior in children  can lead  to many problems later in life. It can lead to certain crimes like robbing or mugging, starting fires, and threatening other people. The rate of children who abuse animals are alarmingly high and turn […]

Scriptures That Proves God Loves Animals

God loves animals 2, make no mistake there is much that the Bible has to say about Gods love for animals. People in Biblical times did not think that Gods love and His inclusion of animals were unordinary. There are Scriptures that proves that God loved and still loves animals:  Proverbs 12:10  “A righteous man […]

God Loves Animals 2- He Does Not Approve of Abuse

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