Obesity in dogs is a cause for concern because it can and often does lead to many health problems. Your beloved pet that is obese can die way earlier than it has to.

Pet owners need to know more and educate themselves as to this problem if you truly love your dog (and I’m sure you do). A lot of the problem is due to fur babies parents lack of knowledge.

It is my goal to inform you of this epidemic of obesity because obesity in dogs is cause for concern. I have two fur babies, two Yorkie s who are the center of our world (me and my husband). Many people are killing their dogs out of kindness, giving them whatever their heart desires. You are not doing them any favors.

Just like people dogs are fed the wrong food and they gain weight. We can control what we feed them and break that habit in our dogs. There is special dog food that we can feed them. Feeding them the wrong food they lose their quality of life because obesity in dogs is a cause for concern. They need exercise and to take in fewer calories. I will list a couple of good brand weight loss dog food.

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Health Problems From Obesity In Dogs:

Joint Problems

When a dog has to carry too much weight around their joints take a beating often leading to arthritis, and also hip dysphagia. This can also lead to easier sprains and strains.

Diabetes Mellitus (also know as sugar diabetes).

Obese dogs have more body tissue than they should which makes the pancreas to not make enough insulin to metabolize the sugars in the bloodstream.

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Is a serious issue and can increase problems with the heart and cause a stroke, stress is a factor and it can cause kidney problems.

Breathing Problems

The excess body puts pressure on the diaphragm where it can’t expand more effectively. This will cause labored breathing in your dog. This will also cause the oxygen going to body tissues and can often result in fatigue which in turn can cause a host of other health-related problems.

Liver Problems

Some fat is stored in your dog’s body liver for cases of emergency, but obese dogs store too much liver fat. This causes the liver not to function properly.

Increased Possibility of Cancer

Science does not fully understand why this is the case, they are at risk of developing bladder cancer, and mammary (milk gland of the female) tumors.

Decreased Life Span

Because of all the health issues listed above obesity can decrease your dog’s life span by several years. Adding Nutri-thrive to your dogs food can extend their life. Obesity in dogs is a cause for concern.

If Fido isn’t getting enough exercise the fat and calories he or she consumed at meals is not getting burned off it turns to fat. With proper exercise and the right food, this issue can be turned around, and you will have your beloved pet for more years unless an unforeseen event or illness occurs.

Wild dogs and wolves do not ingest enough food to gain a lot of weight, it is the dogs who live the life of luxury who are of course at risk for obesity.

It is up to us pet parents to care for our dogs and their health, and like I’ve said before if we love our dogs the way we say we do (and I’m sure you do, or you wouldn’t be reading my article) we will put Fido on a diet and take him or her for more walks, or take them to a dog park to run off the extra fat and calories.

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