Hallmark cards has always been about helping people share what’s in their hearts with those they love, and our mission includes all people.

For about a hundred years, Hallmark has listened to their customers to understand their relationship needs, and today is no different. As the times changes, our cards are also changing to help as many people as possible to know the power of a card.

There are over 6,800 Dollar Tree stores around the world and on August 25 2019 they will be celebrating 1 Year carrying Expressions from Hallmark, 1$ each, and from Heartline 2 for $1 greeting cards.

With this special event there will be a sweepstakes with the prize being a full box of greeting cards and note cards, also a $100 Dollar Tree Gift Card!. There will be 20 winners. You can enter the sweepstakes by going to https://www.dollar tree.com/win-cards-sweepstakes.


You can’t beat the price and the over all quality of the cards. Prepare to be greatly surprized  when you see these cards at Dollar Tree.

This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you buy these cards.

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