German Shepherd’s Excel as a K9 Cop and Soldier

German Shepherd’s are one of the most beautiful and intelligent dog’s and they make wonderful police officers, because of their loyalty and dedication. German Shepherds excel as a k9 cop and soldier, because of their bravery and willingness to protect and to please their human partner according to The German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA).

The breed goes as far back as the 1890s and worked on farms and as herding dogs. They were very hard workers in Germany where they were used to herding sheep and were prized for their intelligence and utility. German Shepherds were used and heavily depended on during World Wars, because of their courage and could be trained easily due to their intelligence.

The German Shepherd is forever alert and eager and can quietly stand its ground without drawing attention to itself until needed to attack. Other than excelling as a K9 cop and soldier they were also used as a guide dog for the blind, their capacity as a companion and a watchdog, herding, or as a guardian. Is it any wonder why that the police force loves to have the German Shepherd as their k9 partner? The German Shepherd is the best K9 officer breed.

All of these qualities have been bred in the German Shepherd for over a hundred years. These endearing qualities made the breed a popular dog in almost every country across the globe as a friend, protector, and companion. The Awards for Canine Excellence named the winning breed as the German Shepherd with 13 awards for their appreciation for the inspiring ways in which they contribute to our lives in which they defend and protect us and make our lives just a little better.


Police officers have to go through training as well as the police dog. It is a long fastidious process for both the dog and the officer. They must be willing to protect which comes easily enough for the German Shepherd, Tracking Ability, Attack Dog. This breed of dog has these innate traits, because they are guard dogs, and is easier than all other breeds to train.

You will need a good and proper collar, leash, and treats. There are some skills that you must train your dog. Socialize him or her to other people and animals, take them to different places and correct negative behavior. Obedience skills, they must do this if the dog is to be a police dog, or else they will bite the wrong person.

Train your dog to stop barking on command. A good way is to say “Speak and Quiet” and say it loudly. This should be done every day until he or she masters this command. Have your dog to bark at strangers then praise the dog, then use the “quite” command, give the dog praise and a reward (a treat). Build alertness in your dog.

Next have a person that your know, but your dog doesn’t come to your house or yard have the person look at your dog in the eyes, and when he or she barks say “quiet” and when it does praise him or her with a reward. Allow your dog to know their territory. Let the dog know which areas to protect by walking with it through the house, but don’t let the dog bark or run after the person no matter what.

Attacking skills is to be taught after he learns all the basic obedient skills. This is a dangerous skill and must be taught carefully. All the about skills is for police dogs and the German Shepherd learns these skills pretty easily for the most part and this is why the German Shepherd excels at being a police officer or a soldier.

There are other breeds that can make good police dogs or soldiers. Some of these are the Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Belgian Malinois, Boxers, Doberman Pinscher, Bloodhound, and American Pit Bull Terrier. There are others, but the German Shepherd excels above them all.

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