Not all heroes walk on two legs,  walk on all four.  They are four-legged hero’s who will give their lives to protect their comrade; now that’s what i call love. There were dogs who were brought in to sniff out explosives who also help soldiers cope with the monstrosity of war.

Accurately trained dogs can smell IEDs (a bomb) and lead soldiers to it before it goes off saving the lives of many soldiers. These dogs can go for as much as 100,000 to 150.000 dollars, but how can you put a price on saving a life, many lives?

The first 30 dog teams were sent into Iraq in the spring of 2004, a year after the war began. Rex (the dog)who was a sergeant and Dowling was partners at Camp Pendleton. Rex was an expert in sniffing out bombs. The two were very welcome.

On the route that Mike and Rex took was like looking down into the jaws of hell. They were perfectly in turned to each other, no words were needed. Rex knew what he was supposed to do and he did it well.








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