Yorkshire Terriers have been known to have very sensitive eyes and eye problems. With their sweet faces, long hair and perky ears, they are absolutely beautiful The Yorkshire Terrier is my favorite breed of dog, and I have two myself. However, eye discharge from Yorkies eyes can be a problem if not taken care of.

Entropion-This is a disease of the eyes and is caused by a congenital defect where the eyelids roll inward, and in return cause the lashes to rub against the eyes. Merck Veterinary Manual (2005) states that this is the most often inherited defect of the eyelids.

It is a painful condition often present at birth or a Yorkie may develop Entropion later in life. Symptoms are squinting and discharge according to The North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Eye discharge from Yorkies can cause serious eye problems. If not treated Yorkies with entropion may not be able to open their eyes, and lasting damage can happen if this disease is not corrected by surgery quickly.


Abnormal eyelashes keep on rubbing the eyes which irritates them. This creates discharge and is painful for your furbaby. Some Yorkies have real fine eyelashes which can be moved away from the eyes which will fix the problem. Furbabies parents will need to use lubricants and eye drops to help with eye irritation.

In some cases, a trip to the veterinarian will be necessary so he or she can freeze and destroy lashes follicle by cryosurgery.

“Cryosurgery (or cryotherapy) is the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. The term comes from the Greek “cryo” meaning icy cold and the word surgery meaning literally “hand work.”Cryosurgery is used to treat a number of diseases and disorders, especially skin conditions.

Cryotherapy may be a better description of the procedure since surgery is usually associated with cutting and in most cases, this treatment (therapy) does not involve actual cutting. Cryotherapy has been in use for over two hundred years.

The application of intense cold will result in the death of the targeted tissue and the numbing of surrounding sensory nerves, reducing pain and discomfort.”

Eye discharge from Yorkies can cause serious eye problems and should be treated and sometimes the Yorkie will have to go to the veterinarian.

Common Debris

Yorkies can get things in their eyes that can irritate them like hair or dust, or other things. When your Yorkie goes outside on windy days debris can get into their eyes, and riding in a car can also cause this.

If your pet rides in the car when the window is down can also irritate their eyes warn the Humane Society. See their article on Travelling by Car With Pets webpage.

Maintain Your Yorkie’s Eye Health

Now that you have read about your Yorkie’s eyes it is up to you to keep their eyes clean and free of debris. One can use lubricants or eye drops to keep your Yorkie’s eyes free of hair and dust, or anything else that can irritate the eyes.

Their eyes should be clear and moist and free or irritants and redness. See your Veterinarian if you see redness and irritation from discharge in your Yorkie’s eyes.

Your Yorkie may be sent to a specialist if needed. Make sure they are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.

So then eye discharge from Yorkies can cause serious eye problems, or this problem could have occurred at birth. Make sure you take care of your Yorkie’s eyes and use lubricants or drops to keep their eyes free from debris.

It would be a good idea to not let your Yorkie stick his or her head out the window. A trip to the veterinarian may be needed to access your Yorkie’s eyes. As a parent of a Yorkie, it is your responsibility to make sure your dog’s eyes are well cared for.

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