For centuries dogs have been called man’s best friend and not only that but dogs are mans oldest friend and with good reason. Why are dogs man best friend? There are many reasons and I will list them:

  • They are loyal Their love for us is unconditional
  • Their love knows no boundaries
  • They are very beneficial to humans
  • They are intelligent
  • They have short-term memory- they don’t remember. You can pull their tail, take their food and about a minute later they won’t remember it. This is truly one of the good aspects about dogs, that is why they can treat you as their best friend, and to continue to love you unconditionally.
  • They will defend your to the death, their death.
  • Dogs also have a great long-term memory. While they may forget your pulling their tail, or taking their food they won’t forget that you are the most important person in their lives.
  • Dogs won’t leave you, while your friends or spouse may leave you a dog never will.
  • Dogs know how to live well. They don’t worry about the rat race of running eons, working and, paying bills. While we humans with our intelligence have to worry about this stuff, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t? Maybe it goes all the way back to The Garden of Eden where man committed that atrocious act of eating the forbidden fruit.

God said that man would earn a living by the sweat of his brow and women would suffer during childbirth. It seems that animals don’t have anything to be sorry for and therefore God did not punish them. Wouldn’t it be great if we were carefree like animals?

Let’s face it dogs are astounding creatures created by God and they were created for Gods glory, and for our joy. It amazes me that Adam was to name all the animals and he named the dog which of course was dog, and spelled backward spells god.

The reason why some animals were mentioned in the Bible while others were not is that they had to be mentioned as they were related to Christ.

So why Dogs are mans best friend? They never judge or criticize you. To them, you are a hero and you are their life. Dogs also can mimic your emotions and a dog can motivate you to exercise. 

If you are a couch potato like I am a dog can make you get up to feed them, or take them for a walk. They can also convince you to play with them. This is why dogs are good for people who are depressed, or elderly.

Dogs are also mans oldest friend, the bond that was formed between man and dog originally goes back to the nomadic hunters and wolves. They sought out the most sociable wolves and formed a bond with them.

Dogs know when we are sad or depressed, they know when we are hurting and in pain. When everyone else leaves us our dog never will, they are faithful and true. We should return the favor and show the love that our dog shows us. We should know when they are hurting and in pain, and when they are sad, or depressed and yes dogs feel the same emotions that we do.

So then why are dogs mans best friend? There are plenty of reasons and I have listed them above.


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