Animal Cruety Leads To Other Vicious Crimes

Animal Cruelty leads to other vicious crimes. A Possible Warning Behavior for Terrorism and Other Premeditated Violence Against Humans Which Needs Reporting and Further Vetting. Animal cruelty leads to other vicious crimes. The evidence is mounting up that there is a direct link between cruelty and other vicious crimes. Clinical and forensic data on mass murder […]

German Shepherd’s Excel as a K9 Cop and Soldier

German Shepherd’s are one of the most beautiful and intelligent dog’s and they make wonderful police officers, because of their loyalty and dedication. German Shepherds excel as a k9 cop and soldier, because of their bravery and willingness to protect, and to please their human partner according to The German Shepherd Dog Club of America […]

Grief Over Losing a Dog

We all love our dogs and we treat them as family members. Nothing can prepare us for losing them. Grief over losing a dog is overwhelming and many people suffer from intense grief. Studies have shown that the grief over losing a dog is as hard as losing a family member, sometimes even harder. There are five stages of […]

Smoky -Yankey Doodle Dandy-The War Hero Yorkie

A Yorkie named Smoky the war dog hero was a Yorkshire Terrier found in a foxhole by an American soldier named Cpl. Bill Wynne in the New Guinea jungle in 1944 which only weighed 4 pounds and stood 7 inches tall was a true hero and could go where no man could go. Not long […]

Why Are Dogs Best Friend?

For centuries dogs have been called man’s best friend and not only that but dogs are mans oldest friend and with good reason. Why are dogs man best friend? There are many reasons and I will list them: They are loyal Their love for us is unconditional Their love knows no boundaries They are very beneficial […]

Animals Are Very T herapeuticl To Human Beings

  Animals Can Be Therapeutic To Humans Animals can be therapeutic to humans, especially for the sick and the elderly. For many a pet is far more than just a pet. Having a pet can make the elderly person want to get out of the bed in the mornings. As people get older depression is a common […]