Animal Cruety Leads To Other Vicious Crimes

Animal Cruelty leads to other vicious crimes. A Possible Warning Behavior for Terrorism and Other Premeditated Violence Against Humans Which Needs Reporting and Further Vetting. Animal cruelty leads to other vicious crimes. The evidence is mounting up that there is a direct link between cruelty and other vicious crimes. Clinical and forensic data on mass murder […]

Animals Abuse-Link To Serial Killers

Animals have rights too and animal abuse is linked to serial killers. Psychologists agree on this. The abuse of animals starts when the serial killer was very young and it appears to be because they were not loved by their mothers, or an abusive drunken father who beat them.They were rejected, humilated, and bullied by […]

In The Life of a Therapy Dog

The job of a Service Dog is to provide affection and comfort to the elderly and all age groups.  Service Dogs must have a very specific personality in order to work in places like hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. They must be kind, patient, obedient and be able to offer comfort. Another name for a […]