Animals have rights too and animal abuse is linked to serial killers. Psychologists agree on this. The abuse of animals starts when the serial killer was very young and it appears to be because they were not loved by their mothers, or an abusive drunken father who beat them.They were rejected, humilated, and bullied by their peers, and in school. One serial killer was locked in the basement by his mother for long periods of time.

People who abuse animals will also abuse other people and the prisons are full of people who have abused their wives and children, and then they have become some of the most heniousness of serial killers. Jeffery Dahmer also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal who killed at least 17 young boys was one such serial killer who also abused animals as a young boy.

Another such serial killer Donald Henry Gaskins better known as The Hitchhikers Killers who killed 80 or 90 people. He would cut up his victims. There are many more, but my article is not about serial killers, I have added this only to show that most all serial killers when they were young began by torturing and killing animals. One such serial killer would throw puppies while they were alive into a burning furnance.

Animals have rights too, they have a right  not to be abused and treated like garbage, they have a right to food and to be fed, a right to cold drinking water, and a right to proper shelter.They have a right to be loved and cared for. Pets are now considered to be part of the family by most people. Some pets today are treated better than some children. Compassion for animals is linked to good moral character and we are just better people when we show love for animals.

 People who love animals have more compassion, empathy, patience and more understanding for other people. They are not as cruel or judgmental, they understand  other peoples flaws and short comings, their imperfections.When one thinks about it, I mean really thinks about it a dogs love for mankind is a lot like how God loves us. It is uncondtional,  pure, almost sacred, we do not deserve that kind of love rather it is from God or a dog

So yes animals have rights just like humans and yes when one is mean and cruel to animals they are not good moral and upstanding people. More often than not these people started out abusing animals at a early age and ninety-two percent of these young children mostly boys turn into serial killers when they grow up and are now sitting in prison waiting on execution.

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