Animals Can Be Therapeutic To Humans

Animals can be therapeutic to humans, especially for the sick and the elderly. For many a pet is far more than just a pet. Having a pet can make the elderly person want to get out of the bed in the mornings. As people get older depression is a common occurrence. It gives one a purpose in life just knowing they must get up to feed their cat or dog, or whatever kind of pet they have. The elderly person needs to stick to a routine, or they can get confused and frustrated.

An elderly man or woman will make them take better care of themselves because they know that their pets need them. They have to be fed and taken for walks. A lot of elderly people are just happier when they have a pet.

In recent years we have discovered just how therapeutic  (especially dogs) animals are to us all. They serve in the military, on the police force, and as therapy dogs. They will give their own lives to save ours if need be, with no thought to their own and to their safety.

Therapy Dogs



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